Tier 4

The latest line of Soilmec rigs has been redesigned around a major component: the engine. Soilmec uses cutting edge, Caterpillar®Cummins® Tier 4 engines, which, in addition to meeting strict 50-state EPA standards and providing improved fuel economy, also provide a sizable boost in power from the previous generations of engines.

  • POWER AND PERFORMANCE-  integrated design boosts power and performance across applications.
  • IMPROVED FLUID EFFICIENCY- through updated hydraulic components.
  • MAXIMIZED UPTIME & RELIABILITY- with world-class support through Soilmec.
  • REDUCED OPERATIONAL COSTS- through increased fuel efficiency and simplicity of engine design.
  • DURABILITY- Caterpillar® durability and  to overhaul.
  • REDUCED EMISSIONS- up to 90% reduction in airborne particulate matter and 50% reduction in nitrogen oxides.
  • MINIMIZED IMPACT OF EMISSIONS SYSTEMS- designed to be completely transparent to the operator without requiring interaction.