Pile Driving

downloaddownload (1)Soilmec’s Pile Driving Kit is a fully-integrated solution that is specially engineered for the SC-90 crane. The kit consists of a custom vertical travel lead, hydraulic spotter, and a diesel or hydraulic hammer. The lead column is typically 75-98 ft high, but can be extended to 131 ft for downhole hammers. Using the 98 ft lead column and an elevated vertical lift, the system can reach a maximum pile depth of 72 ft.

Soilmec’s DMS is fully integrated into the Pile Driving Kit, allowing rig operators and other jobsite personnel to easily monitor and control various pile driving parameters, including batter position, verticality, and delivered energy.

The Pile Driving Kit improves the ease and speed of pile driving operations by enabling a broad reach, so that a group of piles can be driven without moving the crane. It supports side batter angles up to 15 degrees, forward or aft batter angles up to 18 degrees, forward reach up to 40 ft, and leads raised up to 15 ft above grade.

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