Drilling Mate System (DMS)

Learn more about DMSSoilmec’s Drilling Mate System (DMS) is a high-tech, interactive tool that allows rig operators and jobsite personnel to monitor and control the machine in real time. Data is easily accessible by the operator in-cab on an easy-to-use touchscreen or by managers remotely via laptop; inputs include an array of sensors, safety devices, and the diesel engine. DMS enables the operators to essentially, see underground while monitoring the overall operation of the machine, performing troubleshooting, and planning maintenance.

The DMS system monitors and records various machine production parameters and drilling data, including depth inclination, rotary speeds and crowd pressure, to assist in drilling a quality pile. The system also monitors the machine for errors, immediately reporting them to the operator. Critical errors can be automatically sent to a DMS Control Center, so that Soilmec experts can work remotely with operators or site managers to quickly resolve the issue, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Soilmec’s DMS is a standard feature on all new rigs.